What are the various options in type of braces?

Metal Braces – The latest technique metal braces. (American technique).
With quality wires and armamentarium
Ceramic braces– Braces which are tooth coloured. Having a camouflage effect
Low friction braces – With thermally active wires : They are superior quality braces of highest standards in the world. Advantage is lesser pain and faster treatment with fewer appointments.
Low friction ceramic braces– No pain + faster gain with tooth coloured braces.
Clear aligners- Treatment without braces.
Get straight teeth without anybody knowing it. Only a transparent cover on all your teeth. Very few appointments.

Concerned about cost?

We give the highest quality with no compromise at competitive rates. Also consider this – buying clothes – 2000-10000 lasts few months

Why Braces

An appealing face is dependent upon harmonious co-ordination of its components. A desire to enhance the dental appearance motivates most patients to seek orthodontic treatment.  Enhanced facial ppearance has been linked to improved social skills, greater desirability as friends, higher intellectual ability and enhanced occupational prospects. It is well-known that severe malocclusion may make children targets for harassment, teasing and bullying, with obvious psychosocial implications.

Can my teeth be corrected?

A few examples of the Teeth that can be corrected.

How much will be the treatment duration?

Approx one to 2 years depending on case. Visit to the clinic is once a month. So about 12 to 24 appointments.

Is my age right to get the treatment?

There is no fixed age limit for the braces treatment. As long as your gums are stong you can have treatment done even after 40yrs of age. Some problems of child shuld be treated at about 9-12 years while some need to be treated after the milk teeth fall off.

How to take care of your braces?

Brush your teeth and braces 3 times a day and use mouthwash gargles to keep them clean every time you eat something. Don’t eat hard and sticky fooditems like biscuits, nuts, groundnut,five-star, éclairs ,chewing gums etc. Don’t use your front teeth to bite anything till the end of the treatment.Some amount of initial ulceration is normal in some cases, apply gel and keep wet cotton in that area.